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Sri Mariyamman Talattu - Tamil | Hindu Religious Book/ Stotra Book

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•Mariyamman Talattu is a traditional Tamil lullaby sung in praise of Goddess Mariamman, a popular South Indian deity who is worshipped as the goddess of rain and fertility.
• The song in this devotional book is typically sung during festivals and processions in honor of Mariamman, who is considered a powerful and protective deity in South India.
• The devotional book contains a collection of songs that are traditionally sung during the annual festival of Mariyamman, which takes place during the Tamil month of Aadi (July-August) and is celebrated in Mariyamman temples throughout Tamil Nadu.
• The songs are typically sung by women who are devotees of Mariyamman, and they are accompanied by the sound of drums and other traditional musical instruments
• The lyrics of the talattu often describe the various attributes and powers of the goddess, and ask for her blessings to ensure the health and well-being.
• The songs are meant to invoke the blessings of Mariyamman and ask for her protection and assistance in various aspects of life.
• Mariyamman Talattu is a popular and well-known devotional book among devotees of Mariyamman in Tamil Nadu and is often used as a resource for learning the songs and traditions associated with the festival.