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Sri Krishna Jayanthi-2024 | Package 1

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The three temples—Oothukadu, Thirukottaiyur, and Thanjavur—are renowned for their unique representations of Lord Krishna, each holding significant spiritual and cultural importance:

1. Oothukadu - Kalinga Narthana Krishnan:
Oothukadu is famous for its association with Kalinga Narthana Krishnan, a form of Lord Krishna depicted dancing on the serpent Kalinga. This representation symbolizes Krishna's victory over the serpent and his role as the divine protector. Archana (ritualistic worship) at Oothukadu seeks blessings for overcoming obstacles and achieving spiritual liberation.

2. Thirukottaiyur - Navanitha Krishnan:
Thirukottaiyur is revered for its deity Navanitha Krishnan, where Lord Krishna is worshipped holding butter (navanitha) in his hand. This form highlights Krishna's playful and loving nature, symbolizing his innocence and purity. Archana at Thirukottaiyur aims to invoke Krishna's blessings for nourishment, prosperity, and fulfillment of desires.

3. Thanjavur - Yadhava Krishnan:
Thanjavur, known for its cultural heritage, hosts the temple dedicated to Yadhava Krishnan, another form of Lord Krishna associated with his pastoral life and role as a cowherd. Archana at Thanjavur celebrates Krishna's bond with cows and nature, emphasizing devotion, simplicity, and the joys of rural life.

Krishna Sahasranamam Archana followed by Bala Krishna Homam is a sacred sequence of rituals dedicated to Lord Krishna, specifically focusing on his divine attributes and blessings in his youthful form as Bala Krishna (Baby Krishna). Here's an overview of these auspicious practices:

Krishna Sahasranamam Archana:
Krishna Sahasranamam consists of reciting 1000 names (sahasranamam) of Lord Krishna, each name praising and invoking different aspects of his divine nature, qualities, and exploits. The Archana involves chanting these names with devotion and offering various items such as flowers, sandalwood paste, and incense to Lord Krishna. Devotees engage in this ritual to seek his divine blessings, protection, and fulfillment of desires.

Bala Krishna Homam:
Following the Krishna Sahasranamam Archana, the Bala Krishna Homam is performed. Homam refers to a fire ritual where offerings are made into a consecrated fire (Homa Kund) amidst the chanting of Vedic mantras. The Bala Krishna Homam specifically focuses on invoking the blessings of Bala Krishna, the child form of Lord Krishna known for his innocence, playfulness, and endearing qualities.

Benefits of Krishna Sahasranamam Archana and Bala Krishna Homam:
Devotees attain spiritual fulfillment and inner peace through the chanting of Krishna Sahasranamam, connecting deeply with the divine essence of Lord Krishna. Both rituals invoke the divine presence of Lord Krishna, seeking his blessings for protection from obstacles, negativity, and achieving spiritual growth. Participation in these rituals fosters a sense of devotion and reverence towards Lord Krishna, enhancing one's spiritual journey and connection with the divine.

Service Description:

  • 3 Temples Archana
    1) Oothukadu -Kalinga narthana Krishnan,
    2) Thirukottaiyur -Navanitha Krishnan,
    3) Thanjavur -Yadhava Krishnan)
  • Krishna Sahasranamam Archana followed by Bala Krishna Homa (2 priests) on 26th August at 5 pm IST