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Sri Kandha Puranam

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• "Sri Kandha Puranam" is a sacred and revered Tamil text that narrates the life and divine exploits of Lord Muruga, also known as Kartikeya or Skanda.
• This hardbound edition of the book is meticulously crafted, providing readers with a profound and spiritually enriching experience.
• This Hindu Spiritual book offers a comprehensive account of the birth, childhood, and various legends associated with Lord Muruga, one of the most beloved deities in the Hindu pantheon.
• Sri Kandha Puranam delves into the spiritual teachings and symbolism of Lord Muruga, emphasizing devotion, valor, and wisdom.
• The hardbound edition may include intricate illustrations and artwork that bring the stories and divine episodes to life, creating a visually immersive reading experience.
• The text contains hymns, songs, and devotional verses dedicated to Lord Muruga, encouraging readers to engage in spiritual practices and prayers.
• This hardbound edition is designed to be a cherished possession for devotees and collectors of religious literature.
• "Sri Kandha Puranam" is a treasure trove of wisdom and devotion, carrying the essence of Lord Muruga's divine grace and guidance.
• This beautifully bound edition is an ideal choice for those seeking to deepen their connection with the deity and explore the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Tamil Nadu.