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Sri Guru Charitra - English | by Kumar/ Hindu Religious Book/ Stotra Book

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• We Pray to Lord Dattatreya, an Embodiment of Trimurtis, to bestow his blessings to the readers of this Hindu Spiritual Book/Prayer book and be in their house in the form of this book.
• Sri Guru Charitra, the treatise on the honorary Datta Sampradaya, was composed by Sri Saraswati Gangadhar Sakhare in 15th Century. This work is the holy account of the divine life of Sri Vallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati, his philosophy and teachings. This is an invaluable asset for every devotee of Sri Guru who has time and again incarnated for the benefit of mankind.
• Numerous are instances in Sri Guru Charitra where the problems faced by devotees were overcome by them by Sri Guru's merciful guidance. Even today devotees experience his Blessings by reading Sri Guru Charitra repeatedly. Sri Guru Charitra can be read Daily or as a Saptaha Parayana (7 days) or in 3 days. There are Specific Chapters (Adhyayas) in Sri Guru Charitra which are believed to cure Specific Problems in Life. The devotees engaging in the recital of this holy text enjoy prosperity, peace and well-being. The residence where the parayana is performed is blessed with the Divine Presence of Sri Guru.
• GIRI take pride in publishing this unique Hindu Spiritual Book/Prayer book on 'Sri Guru Charitra' and 'GIRI' expresses its heartfelt thanks to the translator Sri. Kumar for his work in simple and easy to understand language which will benefit thousands of its readers.
• This Hindu Spiritual Book/Prayer book gives a detailed description about Sri Dattatreya starting from his incarnation, miracles by him, about his important disciples, etc., in the form of Saptaham enabling the worshipper to do parayanam accordingly. It also details the Sankalpa, method of puja and shlokas besides detailing various temples for Sri Guru and their location.
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