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Sri Garuda Purana - English - SB

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• The Sri Garuda Purana stands as a prominent member among the revered primary 18 Puranas, hailed for its classification as a Sathwika Purana, attributed to its profound exploration of virtues and unwavering devotion to Sri Mahavishnu.
• As a reservoir of timeless wisdom, it meticulously unfolds the intricate tapestry of existence, delving into the profound realms of life, death, liberation, duties, rituals, and the repercussions for neglecting them.
• The sacred text serves as a guiding beacon, elucidating the significance of Antyeshti - the rituals prescribed for posthumous conduct.
• This literary masterpiece, presented in prose form in the Tamil language, transcends the boundaries of time, offering a comprehensive guide to navigating the spiritual journey.
• Its pages resonate with the echoes of ancient wisdom, providing seekers with a roadmap to lead a righteous life and attain spiritual fulfillment.
• Rooted in the essence of dharma, the Garuda Purana serves not only as a source of religious guidance but also as a testament to the profound interconnectedness of life and the cosmic order.
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