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Sri Bhagavath Ramanujar aruli.......Sri Bhashyam - Tamil

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"Sri Bhagavath Ramanujar aruli..Sri Bhashyam" (Tamil) by K. Sridharan is a scholarly exposition of the teachings of the revered saint and philosopher Sri Ramanuja. Through meticulous analysis and profound insight, Sridharan elucidates the timeless wisdom of Sri Ramanuja's commentary on the Brahma Sutras, known as the Sri Bhashya. From the nature of the self to the path of devotion, this enlightening work offers readers a deeper understanding of Ramanuja's philosophical legacy and its relevance to contemporary spirituality. "Sri Bhagavath Ramanujar aruli..Sri Bhashyam" is essential reading for anyone interested in the philosophy of Vishishtadvaita Vedanta.