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Ganesh Murti - 0.7 Inch | Sonabhadra Ganapati Statue/ Sonbhadra Vinayaga Idol for Pooja

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The Sonabhadra Ganesha (small), a captivating representation of Lord Ganesha intricately carved from the exquisite Urancia Stone. This unique red stone adds a distinctive and captivating aura to this beautifully crafted sculpture. The Sonabhadra Ganesh murti (small) is a masterpiece born from the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and the inherent beauty of Urancia Stone. This small-sized statue embodies the essence of Lord Ganesha, the revered deity known as the remover of obstacles and the harbinger of auspicious beginnings.

Product Features:

• Crafted from the rare and alluring Urancia Stone, this Ganesh murti showcases the stone's natural red hue, giving each piece a unique and captivating appearance. The stone's rich color adds depth and vibrancy to the sculpture.
• Meticulously carved by skilled artisans, every feature of the Sonabhadra Ganesha statue is a testament to precision and artistry.
• Lord Ganesha stands adorned with symbolic attributes carved into the red stone. His gentle countenance exudes benevolence, while his raised hand offers blessings and protection.
• The Sonabhadra Ganesha embodies the essence of the region's cultural heritage, highlighting both the artistry of the artisans and the spiritual significance of Lord Ganesha's presence.
• Whether gracing a personal altar, adorning a workspace, or enhancing a collection, this Ganpati murti brings an air of spirituality and cultural richness to any environment.
• Lord Ganesha's worship is rooted in the belief that he can eliminate obstacles, making the Sonabhadra Ganesh idol a meaningful addition to homes and spaces where aspirations and endeavors thrive.
• Celebrate special occasions with a gift that holds both aesthetic beauty and cultural depth. The Sonabhadra Ganesha statue makes a thoughtful and meaningful present for various milestones and festivals.