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Smritimuktaphalam - Varnashrama Dharma Kandam Of Sri Vaidhyanatha Dikshitar - English | by P.R.Kannan

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About the author:
Jagadguru Seva Ratnam, Upanyasa Tilakam Sri P.R.Kannan, after a brilliant academic career with M.Tech, degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from IIT, Madras and Post graduate Diploma from Holland and experience in many reputed institutions, has dedicated his life in service of the Jagadguru and Sanatana Dharma. His erudition and expertise in matters pertaining to the Sanatana Dharma can be seen in the many articles, books authored by him and also in the religious discourses which he has delivered.

About the book:
Vaidyanatha Deekshiteeyam also known as Smritimuktaphalam composed by Sri Vaidyanatha Deekshitar in Sanskrit is the most authentic Dharma Shastra Book/Devotional book/bhakti book on the various Dharma Shastras prescribed for we human beings to adhere to. For the first time the English translated version of this mammoth work has been published, written by a great schilar Shri. Kannan. It's a Dharma Shastra Book/Devotional book/bhakti book that must be read over again and again by everyone and most importantly practised too. A MUST book for every house.
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