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Small Brass Plate - 2.5 Inches | Pheldar Design Brass Thali/ Pooja Plate for Home/ 35 Gms Approx

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• A wonderful complement to your holy ceremonies and rites with our brass plate pheldar.
• This magnificent Brass Pooja thali, made with great care from sturdy brass, radiates elegance and tradition and will elevate your devotion to new levels.
• In many religious and cultural situations, bronze plates have significance. Depending on the ceremony or rite, they could stand for longevity, strength, purity, or supernatural favors.
• This Pooja Plate, symbolizes continuity and togetherness and enhances the atmosphere of your prayer area.
• Because of the long-lasting design of the brass plate, it's a great option for special rites, events, and daily prayers. 
• Brass plates are frequently used in rituals as a reflection of long-standing cultural norms and customs passed down through the ages.
• Pooja thali's are essential to a community's or religious group's ceremonial practices and beliefs. Offerings and prasadam (blessed food) are frequently presented to gods on brass plates during religious ceremonies.
• As a sign of love and appreciation, food items, fruits, flowers, and other offerings can be arranged between the brass plates.
• The ritual participants and the divine may establish spiritual links through the use of brass plates. A sense of reverence and a connection to the sacred is fostered by their frequent usage as receptacles for prayers, gifts, and symbolic gestures.
• The Brass Plate's vast surface area makes it easy and elegant to arrange flowers, diyas, sacred offerings, and other ceremonial items. Its gleaming shine and smooth texture make it simpler to clean and maintain in addition to enhancing its visual appeal.
• This Pooja Thali radiates reverence and devotion, whether it is used as the focal point of religious gatherings or for private devotion. A treasured mark of faith and devotion for future generations embrace history and spirituality with our classic Bronze Plate.