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Sivananda Lahari-Prathipatha Artham

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• Sivanandalahari is well-known in the field of Hinduism's spirituality. It is a profound and revered work that bears the name of Adi Shankaracharya, a renowned guru. Sivanandalahari is a collection of devotional poetry that masterfully captures the spirit of devotion, submission, and the heavenly attributes of Lord Shiva.
• The content and aim of the work are indicated by the title "Sivanandalahari," which can be translated as "The Wave of Bliss of Lord Shiva." Each line of Sivanandalahari is constructed with literary genius and conveys a profound spiritual message, conjuring feelings of intense joy and a close relationship with Lord Shiva.
• This book is exclusively translated with commentary into Tamil for the readers to feel the pleasure of reading.
• Sivanandalahari examines a number of facets of Lord Shiva's divine attributes, characteristics, and importance in the lives of his followers. Beautiful descriptions of Lord Shiva's appearance, character traits, and the divine dance of creation, preservation, and destruction are found in the lines.
• The book explores the symbolism of Lord Shiva's well-known characteristics, including the third eye, matted hair, the sacred Ganga river, and the crescent moon.
• In addition, Sivanandalahari presents the path of devotion as a way to achieve unity with Lord Shiva and transcendental ecstasy. It emphasises the value of yielding to the will of God, developing inner purity, and living a moral life. The lyrics' profound philosophical insights serve as a roadmap for those seeking emancipation and self-realisation.
• Sivanandalahari acts as a road map for spiritual pilgrims, pointing them in the direction of the highest happiness and oneness with God. It keeps motivating and encouraging followers on their spiritual path, building a strong bond with Lord Shiva and nourishing a deep sense of devotion and surrender.