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Sivagami Parvam Bahubali Vol 1 - Tamil

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As five-year-old Sivakami stands as a witness, her father is killed by Maharaja Mehizmati as a royal traitor. Sivakami vows to destroy this country one day. Around the age of seventeen, she visits her dilapidated ancestral mansion to retrieve a manuscript. A book written in a strange language called Baisasi; The secret lies in whether her father is innocent or a traitor. He gets stuck in the service of an arrogant prince. Saddened by their situation, it becomes Kattappa's additional responsibility to keep his younger brother out of trouble as he fights for freedom. Sivakami is involved in the struggle to discover the secret of the book; The corrupt officials and revolutionaries she meets along the way work with conspirators targeting the pleasure empire; She learns about the deceit and intrigue going on in the palace.

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