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Sita - Mithilai Pormangai - Tamil

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• The Tamil novel "Seetha Mithilai Pormangai" explores the elaborate legendary story of Seetha, the cherished consort of Lord Rama, and her travels through the Mithila kingdom. The novel, which was eloquently written in Tamil, analyses Seetha's character, her virtues, and her undying devotion to Lord Rama. It also beautifully portrays the essence of the epic Ramayana.
• The narrative of the novel is gripping as it follows Seetha's existence in the historic city of Mithila, her marriage to Lord Rama, and the ensuing happenings that determine her future. It eloquently conveys how admirable she is in terms of her compassion, tenacity, and steadfast loyalty.
• The author deftly highlights Seetha's hardships throughout her banishment and eventual abduction by the demon king Ravana, bringing out the emotional depth of her character. The book offers a nuanced portrait of Seetha's fortitude, resilience, and steadfast trust in her husband and dharma (righteousness) through potent storytelling and expressive language.
• "Seetha Mithilai Pormangai" honours the divine feminine by highlighting Seetha as a symbol of benevolence, selflessness, and purity. It explores her personality's many facets and presents her as a picture of adoration, dedication, and morality.
• Readers drawn to stories, spirituality, and Tamil Nadu's rich cultural past will enjoy this book in Tamil. "Seetha Mithilai Pormangai" invites readers to take a captivating journey through the life of one of the most revered figures in Indian tradition and provides a deeper understanding of her timeless relevance and inspiring qualities through its compelling narrative and profound exploration of Seetha's character.