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Sirupeelai Powder / Pasanabheda / Pashanabhed / 50 Gms

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Discover the potency of Ayurveda with Sirupeelai Powder, a traditional herbal combination that comes in a handy zip bag and is also known as Pasanabheda or Pashanabhed.

With its origins dating back thousands of years, Sirupeelai Powder is a special blend of herbs with promise for health benefits. The powder is kept ready for use anytime you need it with this convenient zip pouch that guarantees freshness.

Include Sirupeelai Powder in your regular regimen:

• As a traditional beverage, mix a teaspoon with warm water or milk to savor its earthy flavor.
• Discover how versatile it is in the kitchen and include it into your favorite meals for a hint of herbal sweetness.
• Our sirupeelai powder is packed in a handy zip pouch to maintain its efficacy and to be the ideal travel companion for your health trip.