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Simhasan - 5 Inches | Simhasanam Chatri for Deity

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• Create a sacred and elevated space for your pooja idols with our Small Chatri Asan. Meticulously crafted, this Chatri Asan provides a traditional and elegant platform for placing your sacred idols during worship or prayer.
• The Chatri Asan is designed with a small size, making it ideal for compact pooja spaces or for smaller idols. The elevated platform with intricate details adds a touch of grace and reverence to the setting, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of your pooja room.
• Place this Small Chatri Asan in your home or temple, and let it be a source of inspiration and artistic beauty. The elevated platform symbolizes respect and devotion, creating a harmonious and auspicious space for your worship and rituals.
• Whether used as a permanent fixture in your pooja room or brought out for special occasions, this Small Chatri Asan invites you to elevate your spiritual practices with a traditional and aesthetically pleasing platform for your sacred idols.