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Serving Tray | Pooja Thali/ Silver Tray/ Serving Plate/ Pooja Plate for Home

Original price Rs. 1,220.00 - Original price Rs. 2,240.00
Original price
Rs. 1,220.00
Rs. 1,220.00 - Rs. 2,240.00
Current price Rs. 1,220.00
Size: 1.25 x 9.5 Inch
SKU 5300234
Width Height Depth Weight

9.5 in

1.25 in

7.5 in

0.345 kg

Width Height Depth Weight

14 in

1.5 in

10.5 in

0.565 kg

Width Height Depth Weight

15 in

1.75 in

12.5 in

0.725 kg

• Looking for an accessory to elevate your puja collection new heights? Then this Silver Tray is the right pick! Silver trays are a common choice for special occasions, formal gatherings, pooja functions, and as decorative items because of their elegance, beauty, and versatility.
• The pooja tray's distinctive bright and reflecting appearance is a result of its silver finish or silver coated surface, which also lends a sense of refinement to any environment.
• To accommodate different uses, our collection of pooja trays are available in varying sizes, forms, and styles. They exhibit craftsmanship and attention to detail by having ornamental edges and engraved designs.
• Silver trays can be used in a number of situations and have many different functions. They can be used to keep puja items, or serve vetrilai pakku, fruits, snacks and beverages. The puja tray's reflective surface improves the presentation of the items placed on it, producing a visually appealing arrangement.
• Silver puja trays are valued for their aesthetic appeal in addition to their practical use. They can be used as decorative pieces and placed on tables, buffets, or sideboards to give the room a posh and elegant feel.
• In addition to representing hospitality and elegance, silver trays are widely used in religious ceremonies, celebratory celebrations, and formal gatherings.
• Add this beautiful aesthetic product to your house or office, right away! It also makes a wonderful gift or return gift, especially during festivals & celebrations.
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