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Silappathikaram -Thelivurai - Tamil

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• "Silappathikaram - Thelivurai," is a captivating Tamil literary masterpiece that weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions, ethics, and culture.
• This timeless classic, authored by the revered Ilango Adigal, takes readers on an enchanting journey through the ancient Tamil landscape.
• "Thelivurai" translates to "The Ankle Bracelet," symbolizing the delicate yet powerful essence of the narrative.
• The epic unfolds the tragic tale of Kannagi, a virtuous woman, and her quest for justice after her husband's unjust execution.
• Immerse yourself in the vibrant portrayal of love, loyalty, and the human spirit as the story navigates through the complexities of societal norms.
• The book's prose, written in simple yet evocative Tamil, brings to life the rich cultural heritage of the Sangam period.
• "Silappathikaram - Thelivurai" serves not only as a literary gem but also as a window to the soul of ancient Tamil Nadu, presenting a vivid portrayal of its people, traditions, and values.
• Indulge in the magic of this literary treasure that transcends time, a must-read for those seeking an authentic glimpse into the beauty of Tamil literature and the profound emotions that connect us across centuries.