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Side Toran Set - 54 Inches | 2 Pcs/ Side Thoran/ Artificial Toran for Door Decor

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• The door toran display serves as a beautiful focal point and a way for guests to enter the room.
• A side toran is a traditional Indian door hanging that adorns dwellings with charm and good fortune.
• Side door hangings are prized for their cultural importance and elaborate beauty. Entryways are elegantly and symbolically framed by these door torans when they are hung vertically on the sides of doors.
• During festivals, marriages, and other auspicious occasions, torans are hung at home entrances to greet guests and symbolize prosperity.
• Torans are thought to protect the home from evil spirits and bestow benefits in certain cultures.
• Artificial flowers that represent local creative trends are frequently used in these ornamental door torans.
• These side door hangings become more popular during religious events, weddings, and Diwali festivities because they are adorned with auspicious colors like gold, red, and green, which accentuate their festive charm.
• Side torans serve as both decorative accents and spiritual protection since they are thought to fend off evil energy and bring prosperity in addition to their aesthetic significance.
• The side torans' versatility allows them to blend in with both traditional and modern decor concepts, infusing whatever place they grace with a hint of warmth and cultural richness.
• An important aspect of Indian culture, a door-side toran represents warmth, welcome, and prosperity.
• Across India as well as internationally, torans—made of cloth, beads, flowers, and perhaps metal—remain a fixture on gateways, offering a touch of history and refinement to houses both on special occasions and in regular life.