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Shivan Idol - 4 x 3 Inches | Antique Brass Statue/ Siva Statue for Home/ 520 Gms Approx

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Rs. 1,100.00
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SKU 52502957
Width Height Depth Material Weight

3 in

4 in

1.75 in


0.52 kg

• This Stunning Shiva Statue is a divine representation of Lord Shiva for your spiritual space or home decor.
• This intricately crafted Shiva idol combines the elegance of brass with the timeless beauty of a antique finish, creating a visually appealing and spiritually significant art piece.
• Crafted from high-quality brass, this Shiva statue offers durability and intricate detailing. The antique finish adds a touch of sophistication and mimics the aesthetic appeal of traditional brass statues.
• The statue captures Lord Shiva in a sitting posture, radiating a sense of tranquility and divine energy.
• The detailing of Shiva's attributes, such as the third eye, matted locks, and the serpent adorning his neck, reflects a deep understanding of Hindu iconography.
• The brass antique finish gives the Shiva idol an authentic and antique appearance, reminiscent of traditional metal sculptures. This choice of finish not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds an element of classic charm to your space.
• Beyond its religious significance, this Shiva Murti serves as an exquisite home decor item.
• Place this Shiva vigraham on an altar, in a meditation corner, or as a centerpiece in your living room to infuse your space with a sense of spirituality and elegance.
• The Resin Shiva Vigraham makes for a thoughtful and spiritual gift for friends and family.
• It's suitable for occasions like housewarming, weddings, or any celebration where you want to share the blessings of Lord Shiva.
• Enhance the sacred ambiance of your space with the brass Shiva murti—a masterpiece that combines artistic brilliance with spiritual symbolism.
• This exquisite statue invites divine energy into your home while serving as a beautiful representation of Lord Shiva's grace and serenity.