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Sastradipika - Tarka Pada Of Parthasarathi Misra - English | R. Mani Dravid & Sharda Narayanan/ Giri Publication

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• Sastradipika - Tarka Pada Of Parthasarathi Misra is a hindu devotional book by R. Mani Dravid & Sharda Narayanan is a valuable resource for those interested in the field of Indian philosophy and logic.
• This Hindu religious book is an enlightening and comprehensive book that delves into the intricate world of Indian philosophy and logic.
• Authored by R. Mani Dravid and Sharda Narayanan, this hindu devotional book offers a detailed exploration of the Tarka Pada, a significant component of the renowned Sastradipika.
• This hindu religious book provides an in-depth analysis and explanation of the Tarka Pada, an essential text in Indian philosophy. It offers a thorough examination of the concepts, principles, and methods of logic as presented by Parthasarathi Misra.
• The text is presented in English, making it accessible to a wider audience interested in Indian philosophy and logic. The translation aims to convey the richness and depth of the original Sanskrit text.
• The authors, R. Mani Dravid and Sharda Narayanan, offer commentary and interpretation to help readers grasp the nuances of the Tarka Pada. Their insights shed light on the intricate aspects of Indian philosophical thought.
• The hindu devotional book provides historical context and background information on Parthasarathi Misra and the Tarka Pada, allowing readers to appreciate the significance of this work in the broader landscape of Indian philosophy.
• The Tarka Pada explores various logical systems, argumentation, and reasoning methods. This hindu religious book serves as a guide for readers to navigate and understand these complex systems.
• Scholars, students, and enthusiasts of Indian philosophy, logic, and spirituality will find this book to be an invaluable resource.
• It offers a scholarly and accessible approach to the study of Tarka and its role in Indian philosophical traditions.
• Indian philosophy has a rich cultural and intellectual heritage. This book contributes to the preservation and dissemination of this heritage by making the Tarka Pada's teachings more accessible to contemporary readers.
• The "Sastradipika - Tarka Pada Of Parthasarathi Misra - English Edition" is a testament to the enduring relevance and significance of Indian philosophical thought.