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Agal Vilakku - 5 Inches | Shank Chakra Namam Deep/ Brass Antique Lamp for Pooja/ 1.195 Kgs Approx

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1.19 kg

• A sacred and symbolic object used in Hindu religious rites and worship, the Brass Antique Shank Chakra Namam Deep.
• The Shank Chakra Namam Deep is often made of brass, a sturdy and auspicious metal that is frequently utilized in religious objects.
• The deep is decorated with finely detailed engravings or embossments that frequently depict the Shank, Chakra, and Namam. The Shank represents innocence, good fortune, and the sound of creation.
• It is connected to Lord Vishnu and is frequently blown during religious rituals as a way to invoke heavenly benefits. The chakra stands for heavenly protection, moral uprightness, and the ability to conquer challenges.
• While holding the Shank Chakra Namam Deep, worshippers give prayers, recite holy mantras, and carry out rites.
• It acts as a focus point for meditation and devotion, reminding followers of the heavenly attributes and defense linked to the Shank, Chakra, and Namam.
• The Shank Chakra Namam Deep is highly regarded for its craftsmanship. Expert craftspeople use their knowledge to produce exquisitely designed and painstakingly manufactured items.
• Bells, peacock feathers, and other decorative accents are frequently added to the deep to enhance its aesthetic appeal and spiritual importance.
• The religious relic known as the brass Shank Chakra Namam Deep combines the meanings of the Shank, Chakra, and Namam. It stands for holiness, protection from the divine, and devotion.
• Hindu worship uses the depths as a potent tool to invoke divine benefits and represent the offering of light. It is prized for use in religious events as a sacred centerpiece for adoration, reflection, and spiritual connection because of its craftsmanship and meaning.
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