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Seval Kodi - 20 Inches | Murugan Seval Kodi/ Brass Murugan Flag for Deity/ 580 Gms Approx

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The Murugan Seval Kodi, a striking symbol of Lord Murugan's triumph over the asuras, holds a profound significance in Hindu Itihasa (referred to as Hindu mythology) and Tamil culture. Lord Murugan, also known as Kartikeya or Skanda, is revered as the God of War, Victory, and Wisdom. His exploits against the asuras, especially the defeat of the formidable Asura Soorapadman, are celebrated through various artifacts like the Seval Kodi.

This rooster Lord Murugan flag features the carving of the 'seval,' a unique emblematic representation. The 'seval' in the seval kodi is believed to originate from the sliced part of the mango tree where the asura Soorapadman was said to have concealed himself. The Seval Kodi serves as a visual reminder of Lord Murugan's valor and divine intervention, defeating the forces of evil.

The Brass Seval Kodi is designed to be of a size that makes it ideal for placement alongside Murugan idols or images. It acts as a powerful visual aid, enabling devotees to connect with the rich folklore of Murugan's heroic deeds. The tales of his battles against asuras not only exemplify the triumph of good over evil but also symbolize the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge, and inner strength.

Lord Murugan, often depicted riding a peacock and wielding a divine lance, is a source of inspiration for seekers of courage, intelligence, and righteousness. By incorporating the Murugan Seval Kodi into their devotional practices, devotees honor the deity's enduring legacy and draw strength from his victorious spirit, reinforcing their own faith and determination on their life journeys. It stands as a powerful emblem of valor, faith, and triumph over adversity, echoing the enduring relevance of Lord Murugan in Hindu culture and spirituality.