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Serving Tray - 2 x 12 Inches | Silver Polish Tray/ Wooden Pooja Plate for Home

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Rs. 400.00
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SKU 650135
Width Height Depth Material Weight

12 in

2 in

9 in

Wood-Silver Sheet

0.535 kg

• The gorgeous Serving Tray with Silver Polished , you can uplift your ceremonial activities and home décor.
• This pooja tray, which has been painstakingly crafted, combines classic style with contemporary utility.
• Our Silver Polish Tray, which is made of materials of the highest caliber, has a shiny silver finish that elevates any environment. It is ideal for serving guests in style or showcasing priceless mementos due to its elegant appearance and sturdy construction.
• As an alternative, our Wooden Pooja Plate, which is made by hand from rich, sustainable wood, has a rustic beauty. Its polished surface offers a perfect platform for conducting holy rites and ceremonies, elevating your home's spiritual atmosphere.
• With its versatility, the Serving Tray and Wooden Pooja Plate can be used for both hosting events and daily devotions.
• The Silver Polish Tray with roomy layout holds a variety of objects, from delicious snacks to revered offerings, and its simple surface means hassle-free upkeep.
• Embrace traditional style and cultural meaning with this Wooden Pooja Plate.
• Add a touch of sophistication and devotion to your living environment to make every occasion and moment genuinely memorable with our pooja tray.