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Senduram Paste - 30 Gms | Sindoor Paste/ Senthuram Paste

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• Presenting our excellent Sindoor Paste, an enduring representation of style and history.
• Each jar of kumkum tilak is expertly crafted to capture a sense of cultural history and eternal beauty.
• Sindoor paste has been mentioned in ancient Hindu texts like the Vedas and Puranas, dating back thousands of years.
• It is believed that the practice of applying sindoor paste originated as a symbol of marriage and marital status.
• Deeply symbolic of devotion and good fortune, tilak kumkum is seen in Hindu temples.
• Tilak kumkum is usually created from turmeric or vermillion, this vivid crimson paste is applied and prepared with great care during religious ceremonies.
• Its application, known as the sindoor liquid, bindi or tilak, on the forehead designates the third eye, which has been deemed sacred and represents enlightenment and spiritual awakening.
• Sindhoor is also available in a sindoor liquid form
• Kumkum tilak is essential to the worship of the gods in temples. To imbue it with divine advantages, priests prepare it using exact rites, combining it with prayer and sacred chants.
• The sanctity of the worship area is increased and the god's presence is called upon when sindhoor is applied to idols and worshippers.
• Our Sindoor Paste, which is made with high-quality materials, has a velvety texture that applies smoothly and leaves the skin with a vivid, long-lasting red color.
• Tilak kumkum deep pigmentation guarantees a powerful color payoff, making it ideal for elevating formal wear or giving your regular ensemble a refined touch.
• Sindoor liquid's small size and easy application design make it perfect for tucking into a pocket or purse and retouching your skin whenever you want.
• Our kumkum tilak is an essential item for any celebration, holy ceremony, or everyday use.