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Sarvodaya Javadhu Powder 6Gms

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Since ancient times, javadhu has been used in worship, yoga, pranayama, and meditation to heighten mental spirituality. A traditional Indian Natural blended perfume powder, Javvadhu can be best described as a "perfume from paradise". Javadhu is also one of the pastes that is applied on the deity during shodasa upachara pooja. It is a mixture of many herbs and sandalwood and comes in powder form. Since it is natural, it is completely safe to use in moderation. It enhances breathing and allows us to perform pranayama more effective way, and makes the meditation comfortable.
Product Features:
• This compact box contains powder of javadhu, which can be mixed with water and can be applied along with sandalwood powder to have better aroma and aura during the pooja.
• A perfect fusion of sandal oil, powder, and Indian euphoric herbal and flower extracts make up the fragrant powder. Since Javadhu Powder is exquisite, it will make your heart full and blissful.
• Its application is quite simple: prepare a paste by combining it with a few drops of water or rose water, then apply it in minimal quantities directly to the pulse points on your body or fabric. Contrary to synthetic fragrances, Javadhu powder doesn't cause irritation.
• It helps keep the body & mind cool and regulated.