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Sandhanadhi Thailam - 100 ml

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Sandhanadhi Thailam is an Ayurvedic natural coolant oil that is usually used to relieve burning sensation, aid sleep, dizziness, etc. Mantra Sandhanadhi Thailam bottle is meant exclusively for pooja purposes only.
• It can be mixed with your Abhishekam to cool down your deities and make them exhibit a calm energy.
• Sandhanadhi Thailam is beneficial in disturbances originating out of vitiated pitta. In the case of puja, it is meant to bring down the imbalanced heat of the deities and bring an equilibrium in energies.
• It can either be applied directly on the Gods to shine them or mixed with Abhisheka items while offering to the deities.
• It contains purely natural elements that are long-lasting and safe to offer to temples and during holy ceremonies.
• 'Let your Light Shine'. Use Mantra Thailam in puja to elevate bhakti, divinity and bliss.