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Sandal Paste

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• A fragrant and calming paste prepared from sandalwood is called sandal paste, often referred to as Chandan paste. Santalum album, also referred to as sandalwood in science, is a kind of wood valued for its scent.
• Sandal paste is commonly made by combining the heartwood of the sandalwood tree with a tiny amount of water or another liquid to make a fine powder. The paste is a distinct shade of beige or golden, and it smells deliciously like wood.
• In many cultures and religions, sandal paste has profound cultural and religious importance. It is frequently used in religious ceremonies, rituals, and meditation techniques.
• For the tilak, a mark or spot put on the forehead during religious rites or as a symbol of devotion, sandal paste is frequently used in Hinduism.
• Sandal paste is used to make tilaks, which are thought to bring luck, cleanse the mind, and invoke good vibes.
• Additionally, sandal paste is employed in skincare and aesthetic procedures. It is a common ingredient in face packs, lotions, and other cosmetic products due to its well-known cooling and calming effects. Sandal paste is thought to hydrate the skin, calm inflammation, and give it a healthy glow.
• A versatile and highly appreciated ingredient in many cultural, religious, and wellness practises is sandal paste. It is a prized and frequently utilised element in a variety of applications because of its robust smell, cooling qualities, and cultural significance.
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