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Samithu Navagraha Kattu

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Samithu Navagraha Homam is a Hindu ritual that involves performing sacred fire ceremony to worship and seek blessings from the nine planets or grahas in the solar system. In this homam, a sacred fire is lit using Samithu twigs, and the nine grahas are worshipped with specific mantras and offerings, including grains, fruits, flowers, and other items. These samithu sticks are of various trees that has fallen down themselves, then get dried and bundled for offering to God by invoking fire. When the samithu sticks are lit, they release fragrant smoke that is believed to purify the surroundings and ward off negative energies. The addition of ghee to the homam sticks enchances the spiritual potency of the rituals. The entire ceremony is performed with great reverence and devotion.
Benefits and features:
• It is believed to provide astrological benefits, improve one's fortunes, and remove obstacles in life.
• Brings peace, harmony, and prosperity to the individual and their family.
• Navagraha Puja can be performed on various occasions, such as during important milestones in life, like marriage, childbirth, or starting a new venture. It can also be performed regularly to ensure the continued blessings and benefits of the grahas.