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Sambar Podi - 250 Gms | Sambar Powder/ Sambar Masala Powder

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Presenting Bhojanam Brand Sambar Powder, the perfect secret ingredient that will give your meals a whole new flavor profile in an instant mix form.
• This original combination of hand-picked spices, which is crafted with precision and enthusiasm, captures the spirit of South Indian cuisine and brings the lively taste of homemade sambar to your kitchen with ease.
• The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu is where the sambar first appeared, and its history dates back thousands of years. There is considerable disagreement regarding the precise origin of sambar, but the consensus is that it originated from a cuisine known as ""amti"" or ""saaru,"" which were stews or soups made with lentils and spiced with tamarind.
• Our sambar podi is a flavor and aroma symphony created by skillfully blending a variety of carefully chosen spices, such as red chilly, cumin, fenugreek, and coriander. Every batch of our sambar masala is finely milled to guarantee consistency in every mouthful.
• Whether you're an experienced chef or a home cook, our sambar podi is your go-to partner for quickly making flavorful and wholesome meals. To bring the deep, genuine flavors of South India to your sambar, lentils, or veggie dishes, just sprinkle it on top.Savor the delicious flavor of tradition by using Bhojanam Brand Sambar masala.
• With each delicious bite, enhance your culinary explorations and treat your taste sensations. Every meal offers a glimpse into the soul of South Indian food.