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Saico Kasturi Dhoop Powder

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Rs. 520.00
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Gram: 50
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Saico Kasturi Dhoop Powder emits a divine fragrance. Composed of pure balsamic secretions, herbs, resins, and natural essential oils. Its refreshing aroma helps to relax and rejuvenate your body and soul. The aroma of Dhoop Powder will bring you positivity and healing.
Benefits & Features:
•Dhoop incense is known to improve concentration that can help you while studying, doing meditation and it also prevents infections, relieves headaches, fights depression, and reduces anxiety.
•Sambrani Dhoop sticks are known to purify the air and create a more positive and encouraging environment.
•One of the main upacharas offered to the deity is the dhoopa offering.
•The powder has to be filled in the given cone and lit. This elevates the divine aura.
•Creates a religious atmosphere within seconds.
•Lighting Dhoop cone purifies the senses as the smoke is harmless, eliminating impurities from within.