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Rudraksha with Moonga Crystal Mala - 13 Inches | Moonga Mala/ Rudraksha Mala for Men & Women

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• The magnificent Rudraksha with Moonga Crystal Mala, a celestial combination of colorful crystals and holy beads that resonates with spiritual energy and visual appeal.
• Enjoy the exciting Moonga Mala, in which the classic grace of Rudraksha beads blends harmoniously with the flaming tones of the Moonga crystal.
• A timeless accessory with rudraksha mala for anybody seeking both inner serenity and external beauty, each bead narrates a tale of ageless wisdom and contemporary grace.
• This exquisitely crafted Rudraksha Mala for Men & Women is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a representation of peace and dedication.
• Wearing it for spiritual activities, meditation, or just as a statement item, it uplifts and emits positivity at every turn.
• With the Ruthratcham Malai, a name that evokes elegance and respect, step into the world of peace and elegance. Allow its soft weight to settle on your being, bringing you into the present moment and establishing a connection with the everlasting.
• This Moonga Mala, which has 108 beads that form a sacred circle, invites you to go on a spiritual awakening and self-discovery trip.
• As you progress through your practice, feel the beat of each rudraksha japa mala which draw strength and comfort from its embrace.
• With the Rudraksha and Moonga Crystal Mala, experience the combination of spirituality and fashion, tradition and modernity. Allow its splendor to embellish your path as it leads you to knowledge and inner peace.