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Rubbing Stone | Chandan Chakla for Pooja

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Rs. 340.00
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Size: 6 Inch
SKU 64311
Width Height Weight

6 in

1 in

0.84 kg

Width Height Weight

7 in

1.5 in

1.32 kg

• This rubbing stone is exclusively for use in grinding holy ingredients, such as sandalwood, herbs, and other things, into powder or paste.
• Soapstone is an ancient stone that has been used widely by our ancestors.
• For a very long time, soapstone has been used for various purposes, such as kitchenware, religious tools, and as a medium for carving.
• A rubbing stone is a tool used to rub the sandalwood and other herbs with the intention of making a paste out of it.
• sprinkling water on the surface, the soapstone chandan pata or other herbal medicine is rubbed to get the paste.
• Made of soft stones, these rubbing stones are used in houses or places where puja is performed.
• The product is perfectly finished with an appropriate base for a perfect grip and balance. It is very strong and usually lasts for generations.