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Rojapoo Powder - 50 Gms | Roja Powder Zip Pouch/ Roja Ithal Powder/ Satapatrika

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• Famous for its finely ground herbal powder made from rose petals, Roja Poo Podi is used widely in traditional Ayurvedic therapy.
• Considered  for its various benefits, this organic powder provides a variety of advantages for skin and general well-being. 
• To make this powerful herbal powder, beautiful rose petals which are well-known for their calming qualities—are carefully dried and crushed.
• Roja Poo Podi is used traditionally to correct altered vata and pitta, reduces burning sensation, treats skin diseases, cardiac ailments, general weakness, etc. It major active constituents include tannins, oligomeric proantrocyanides, etc. It shows gastrointestinal relaxant activity and antitussive properties.
• Reduce Body Odor: People who sweat a lot and people who eat a lot of meat foods have more body odor. Rose flower is the perfect remedy to get rid of their body odor. Its petals keep the body cool by removing the toxins caused by sweat from your body. So it is very good to eat a lot of rose petals during the summer seasons.
• Good remedy for mouth ulcers: Many people get ulcers when their body temperature rises and they eat a lot of spicy foods. For this, chewing a little rose petals is a better remedy than using chemicals. It cools the body, reduces the formation of mouth ulcers and helps to reduce the feeling of irritation and pain caused by it.
• Reduce Constipation: Rose petals have a lot of power to regulate the balance of digestive acids in the stomach. It helps to improve our appetite. It is an excellent medicine to reduce constipation. It is good for women to chew rose petals to prevent constipation during pregnancy.
• Used for Anti-aging: Frequent consumption of rose petals enhances the growth of your skin cells, enhances radiance, eliminates wrinkles and prolongs the appearance of youth.
• The rose natural powder contain compounds that improve metabolism in addition to clearing toxins from the body, thereby aiding in weight loss.
• If you are suffering from acne and are looking out for some natural aids to deal with it, then rosewater might help you out. Apart from being a good moisturiser, rose petals contain antibacterial properties helps to dry the acne.
• Roses exert a stunning effect on your lips. They not only lend a pinkish hue to your lips but also make them soft as they moisturise the skin and enhance colour. Rose has antioxidants which prevent the formation of wrinkles. 
• The regular use of rose petal powder for cleansing, toning and exfoliating tightens the skin and slows down aging.