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Right Hand Shankh - 3 x 5 Inches | Right Hand Conch for Pooja

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• Right Hand Shankh - Holy Conch Shell for Offering Deeply ingrained in Hindu ceremonies and rituals is the shankh pooja, often called the Puja Shankh or Shankh for Puja.
• The pooja shankh is revered for its fortunate attributes and represents divinity, purity, and the presence of deities at worship.
• The shankh pooja is often connected to the cosmic sound (Om) that arose from the universe, the Shankha represents creation and life.
• The pooja shankh is a traditional instrument used in both families and temples, where it is blasted to invoke blessings and spiritual energy at the starting point and end of religious ceremonies.
• Each puja shankh is made from real conch shells and is distinctive in both its shape and sound.
• The puja shankh's are said to vibrate with the vibrations of the cosmos. Its centuries-old ceremonial use has roots in old texts that praise its power to drive out negativity and welcome positivity.
• It is believed that the sound made while the shankh for puja is blown can cleanse the surrounding air, raise consciousness, and facilitate a closer relationship with the divine.
• The musical tone of the Shankh is essential during rituals like Aarti and Puja, representing the offering of prayers to gods and goddesses.
• Beyond its religious meaning, the Blowing Shankh for puja is a symbol of Hinduism that represents tradition and spirituality in homes all across the world.
• Loved by people for its aesthetic appeal and spiritual significance, the Shankh is still revered as a holy object that unites the worlds of the sky and the earth.