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Right Hand Shankh - 11 x 5 Inches | Valampuri Sangu/ Dakshinavarti Shankh for Pooja

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• The unique feature of the Dakshinavarti Conch or the Valampuri Conch is that the opening of this shell is on the right. Hence, it is also called the right-handed conch shell.
• Dakshin mukhi shankh is very rare and highly coveted, and it is highly auspicious to keep it in pooja for prosperity and auspiciousness.
• Bring prosperity and abundance to the worshipper's house; bring happiness and peace among the family members.
• It is said that this Valampuri sangu emits the sound " Om" naturally in the environment due to its shape when kept with its open mouth facing the sky and tall towards the north.
• Bring the divine energy of the universe into your hands with our exquisite Dakshinavarti shankh! Whether you're a devout spiritual seeker or simply looking to infuse your daily routine with a touch of sacredness, this shankh is the perfect addition to your spiritual arsenal.
• Immerse yourself in the holy vibrations as you blow the shankh during your daily puja, meditation, or any auspicious occasion.
• With its smooth and polished surface, the Valampuri sangu not only feels great in your hand but also adds a touch of elegance to your puja room.
• When it comes to selecting a shankh for puja, the dakshin mukhi shankh is traditionally considered more auspicious. This is because the valampuri Shankh is believed to represent the conch shell that Lord Vishnu carries in his right hand.
• The sound produced by the right-hand Shankh is also said to be more powerful and spiritually beneficial.
• The valampuri shankh typically has a clockwise spiral, and it is usually larger and more curved than the left-hand Shankh.