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Rehal - 6 x 11 Inches | Angoori Design Hand Carved Rehal/ Wooden Holy Book Stand for Reading

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11 in

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6 in


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• The Rehal Angoori is a traditional wooden book stand specifically designed to hold and display religious texts such as the Mahabharatham, Bhagavad Gita, or other sacred scriptures.
• It is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using premium quality wood, ensuring its durability and sturdiness.
• Featuring an intricate and ornate design, the Rehal Angoori adds a touch of elegance and grace to your sacred space.
• The carved details and fine craftsmanship showcase the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions associated with religious literature.
• The Holy book stand is thoughtfully designed with adjustable folding panels, allowing you to position it at various angles and heights for comfortable reading.
• This Book reading stand provides stability and support to keep your book open, making it easier to follow along and concentrate on the sacred text.
• Whether you're engaged in personal spiritual practices, attending religious ceremonies, or simply cherishing moments of peaceful reading, the Rehal Angoori enhances your experience by providing a dedicated platform for your sacred texts.
• This timeless and versatile accessory is suitable for both home use and gifting purposes. It adds a touch of reverence and sophistication to your prayer room, meditation space, or study area.
• This Book reading stand also makes a thoughtful gift for friends, family, or loved ones who appreciate the significance of spiritual literature.
• Embrace the beauty and functionality of the Rehal Angoori, and elevate your religious practices to new heights.
• Immerse yourself in the divine words of wisdom with this exquisite wooden book stand, and experience a deeper connection to your spiritual journey.