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Red Chandan Mala with Copper Knot - 13.5 Inches | 54 Beads Sandalwood Mala/ 8 mm Japa Mala for Meditation

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Material Weight

Red Sandal Wood

0.02 kg

• An attractive and deeply spiritual piece, the Red Sandal Wood Mala with Copper Wire is carefully created for both visual appeal and overall health. 
• This gorgeous chandan mala has beads crafted from red sandalwood, which is uncommon and highly valued due to its deep color and peaceful scent.  
• The sandalwood mala smooth texture and consistent shape of each expertly hand-carved bead contribute to an enhanced tactile and visual experience.
• Copper wire gives the kantha mala a level of elegance and symbolic meaning. It is said that copper, with its innate conductivity and grounding qualities, enhances the healing energies of red sandalwood, promoting a closer relationship with both the self and the Universe. 
• Its earthy tones and warm metallic shine combine to create a balanced blend of materials that speaks to both modernity and tradition.
• This chandan mala is an effective tool for meditation, prayer, and spiritual practice in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. 
• Every sandalwood mala bead symbolizes a holy purpose or mantra that directs the wearer toward attention, clarity, and inner serenity. 
• The Red Sandal Wood Mala with Copper Wire is a concrete reminder of the connection between mind, body, and spirit, and can be used for introspection or as a devotional symbol.
• Accept the enduring beauty and deep meaning of this kantha mala crafted work of art, and allow its brilliant energy to encourage and uplift you as you travel the path of spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery.