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Rasam Powder - 100 Gms | Rasam Podi/ Instant Rasam Powder

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• The classic South Indian spice combination known as rasam powder is used to make rasam, a popular soup-like dish with characteristics that are spicy, and aromatic. 
• Rasam powder, which is made from a well-balanced mixture of carefully chosen spices, gives this well-loved meal more depth and complexity.
• The main ingredients of rasam podi are usually dried red chilies, coriander, cumin, black pepper, mustard, and fenugreek seeds. To achieve the best possible flavor dispersion, these spices are first ground into a fine powder and then roasted to enhance their aroma.
• The instant rasam powder includes earthiness and depth of the cumin seeds contrast with the pleasant, lemony aroma of the coriander seeds. Mustard seeds' somewhat bitter undertones counterbalance the spicy sting of black peppercorns. 
• Dried red chiles give the meal its distinct heat and vivid color, and fenugreek seeds add a note of sweetness and maple-like flavor.
• Beyond the rasam it is traditionally used for, rasam powder is a versatile ingredient. It can also enhance the flavor of many other foods, such as vegetable curries, marinades for meats and shellfish, and lentil soups.
• Rasam podi adds a strong, real South Indian taste and an enticing aroma to whatever dish it is added to, whether it is used as a main component in rasam or as a flavor enhancer in other recipes. 
• The instant rasam powder symbolizes the rich culinary legacy of South India with its completely balanced spice blend, taking food lovers on a taste get through its bright and aromatic depths.