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Rangoli Box - 3 Inches | 3 Pcs/ Plastic Colour Filter Box/ Reusable Stencil for Floor Decor

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• Introducing our Rangoli Powder Bottle Set with Filter, a thoughtful and convenient way to add vibrant colors to your festive decorations. This set of bottles is specially designed to make the process of creating rangoli designs effortless and precise, while the built-in filter ensures smooth and controlled application.
• Each bottle in the set is filled with high-quality rangoli powder, offering a spectrum of colors to enhance your artistic expressions. The innovative filter design allows for easy dispensing of the powder, ensuring a steady flow as you create intricate and colorful rangoli patterns.
• The bottles are not only practical but also reusable, making them an eco-friendly choice for your festive celebrations. The compact size and secure lid make these bottles easy to store and transport, enabling you to bring the joy of rangoli design to any event.
• Perfect for both beginners and experienced artists, our Rangoli Powder Bottle Set with Filter is a versatile and user-friendly addition to your creative toolkit. Transform any space into a vibrant canvas of colors with this set, and let the artistic beauty of rangoli enhance the spirit of your celebrations.