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Ramanujacharya Idol - 1.75 x 1 Inches | Panchaloha Statue/ Ramanujar Statue for Pooja/ 65 Gms Approx

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SKU 525113
Width Height Depth Material Weight

1 in

1.75 in

0.75 in


0.065 kg

• A wonderful representation of the famous Vaishnavite saint Swami Ramanuja, the Panchaloha Ramanujar Statue is made of an auspicious combination of five metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, and zinc.
• It is tradition to think that this holy structure, called Panchaloha, stimulates the area it stays in with spiritual energy and positive vibrations.
• The statue portrays Swami Ramanuja in a calm, meditative pose, indicating his great wisdom and devotion. 
• The ramanujar statue embodies the spirit of his teachings and his steady commitment to the path of justice and devotion. 
• He is dressed in traditional ascetic garb, with his left hand holding the holy texts and his right motivated in the Abhaya mudra, a sign of comfort and protection.
• The Panchaloha idols is perfect for regular pooja and spiritual activities. It is a focal point for prayer and meditation, encouraging followers to pursue knowledge and wisdom. 
• Its presence at your domestic memorial or temple inspires feelings of calmness, admiration, and divine grace, creating an environment that is ideal for reflection and spiritual development.
• Ramanujar statue Constructed with great care and attention to detail, the statue is a timeless work of art that also pays homage to Swami Ramanuja's legacy. 
• The panchaloha idols is a treasured addition to your spiritual refuge because of its brilliant polish and delicate creation, which represent the highest levels of traditional artisanship. 
• Accept the divine teachings and blessings of Swami Ramanuja by embracing this magnificent panchaloha murti statue, which is a representation of unwavering devotion, faith, and purity.