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Rajeshwari Statue - 2.5 x 1.75 Inches | Panchaloha Idol/ Raja Rajeshwari Idol for Pooja/ 135 Gms Approx

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Rs. 3,700.00
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SKU 525111
Width Height Depth Material Weight

1.75 in

2.5 in

1 in


0.135 kg

• The Rajeshwari Statue, which is made of holy Panchaloha a mixture of five metals known for their auspicious qualities is a stunning representation of heavenly favor and spiritual significance. 
• The rajeshwari devi statue, which is revered as an expression of holy feminine energy, shows Raja Rajeshwari, the ultimate goddess who exudes strength, love, and compassion without end.
• The Rajeshwari devi Statue, adorned with fine craftsmanship and minute details, is a timeless representation of reverence and dedication. 
• Its graceful shape draws people into the divine's embrace and shows calmness and peace with panchaloha idols.
• In pooja ceremonies, this holy panchaloha idol is adored for its function as a center for devotees to offer prayers and ask for blessings. 
• Devotees express their love and gratitude to Raja Rajeshwari through rituals and offerings, asking for her heavenly protection and direction in their life.
• The Rajeshwari Statue serves as a focal point for devotees' prayers and meditation, creating a sacred space for spiritual contemplation and communion with the divine.
• The panchaloha statue represents the divine presence and provides inspiration for devotees on their spiritual path, acting not only as a place of prayer but also as a means of establishing spiritual connections.
• The presence of the rajeshwari devi statue is thought to show holy energy, providing comfort, direction, and blessings to all who revere it, whether it is positioned in temples, homes, or spiritual centers.
• Panchaloha murti presence instills a sense of holiness and reverence in both homes and temples, creating a favorable atmosphere for introspection, prayer, and spiritual development.
• The Rajeshwari devi statue is a sacred symbol of faith and devotion that inspires reverence and amazement in everyone who sees it, thanks to its ageless beauty and profound significance that elevates it beyond simple artistry.