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Pure Sandalwood Powder 40Gms

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With our finest Sandalwood Powder, carefully prepared for your spiritual rituals and puja ceremonies, you can experience the divine aroma and sacred essence of pure sandalwood. This chandan powder, which is made from the wood of the revered sandalwood tree, enhances the sanctity of your worship space by serving as a symbol of purity, devotion, and tranquility.


• As you use this powder for your puja, take in the alluring scent of pure sandalwood. The calming scent fosters calmness and spirituality by fostering a peaceful and meditative atmosphere.
• Many cultures and traditions attach great spiritual significance to sandalwood. It is thought that using it in puja rituals will bring about divine blessings, freshen up the surroundings, and establish a heart-to-heart connection with the divine energy.
• In addition to puja ceremonies, this sandalwood powder is ideal for applying as a fragrant paste during festive occasions and special occasions or for making sacred markings (tilak) on the forehead. Our sandalwood powder is sourced ethically, protecting the survival of this precious tree.
• To make a smooth paste, combine a small amount of sandalwood powder with water or rose water. Apply it to the forehead, deity idols, or other holy items when performing puja or celebrating a holiday.
• Use our Pure Sandalwood Powder to infuse your puja rituals with the sanctity and purity of sandalwood. Spend time in the divine fragrance to elevate your spiritual development and to make your sacred moments a place of awe, serenity, and devotion.