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Pooja Box | Charan Paduka Box/ Ram Darbar Padham Box for Pooja

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• With this unique Puja Box, redefine your sacred space. It includes the respected Ramar Darbar picture and a meticulously carved metal replica of Rama's holy Padukas (Holy Feet).
• The puja box features a beautifully detailed image of Lord Rama along with Goddess Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman.
• This image serves as a focal point for your puja, allowing you to meditate and connect with the divine presence of Lord Rama and his beloved family.
• This pooja box also includes a sacred Rama Padam, a representation of Lord Rama's footprints. It symbolizes his divine presence and serves as a reminder of his divine journey and teachings.
• Placing the Rama Padam (God feet) during puja invokes blessings and protection from Lord Rama.
• This pooja box contains a collection of powerful mantras dedicated to Lord Rama.
• Chanting these mantras during your puja invokes divine blessings, brings peace, and deepens your spiritual connection with Lord Rama.
• The Puja Box with Rama Darbar Image, Rama Padam (God feet), and Mantras is designed for simplicity and ease of use, making it ideal for daily puja or for special occasions and festivals dedicated to Lord Rama.
• This Wooden Pooja box is a perfect companion for those seeking a focused and intimate worship experience with Lord Rama.
• Embrace the divine presence of Lord Rama and create a spiritually enriching ambiance with the Wooden Pooja Box with Rama Darbar Image, Rama Padam, and Mantras.
• Let it deepen your devotion and bring blessings, peace, and prosperity into your life.