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Prayathnam - 2 Volumes Set - English - Tamil | Bharatanatyam Book/ Dance Book

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• "Prayathnam - 2 Volumes Set" is an extensive Bharathanatyam book about the elaborate art of Bharathanatyam, an indian dance form that is available in Tamil and English. 
• The rich history, complex technique, and cultural relevance of classical Indian dance are all thoroughly explored in this outstanding book. 
• With its thorough coverage of Bharathanatyam, a dance style renowned for its grace, accuracy, and expressive storytelling, this comprehensive book is a priceless tool for dancers, trainers, and enthusiasts alike.
• The book is divided into two volumes, each of which is jam-packed with intelligent analysis and striking pictures that capture the essence of Bharathanatyam dance. 
• The many postures, mudras (hand gestures), and basic steps that make up the basis of this traditional Indian dance are thoroughly examined for readers. 
• The book also provides an overview of the rich history and development of Bharathanatyam, following its beginnings from Tamil Nadu temples to modern theatrical performances.
• "Prayathnam - 2 Volumes Set" is a cultural gem that honors the core of Indian dance traditions in addition to being a useful manual for learning Bharathanatyam dance. 
• This Bharathanatyam book is an indispensable addition to your library, regardless of your degree of experience—whether you are a novice trying to grasp the basic concepts or an experienced practitioner looking to improve your methods. 
• The book guarantees that the heritage of this elegant Indian dance will continue to inspire and instruct future generations by providing a thorough and simple presentation of Bharathanatyam.