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Prahaladhan - Balakumaran - Tamil

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Prahaladhan, penned by Balakumaran, breathes life into the timeless tale of Prahalada, the virtuous prince whose unwavering devotion to Lord Vishnu defied the tyranny of his demon king father, Hiranyakashipu. Through evocative storytelling and vivid imagery, the novel transports readers into the mythical realm of ancient India, where gods and demons clash in an epic struggle for supremacy. Set against the backdrop of divine intervention and mortal courage, the story unfolds with dramatic flair, capturing the essence of Prahalada's steadfast faith and the triumph of good over evil. Prahaladhan is a captivating retelling of a classic myth, inviting readers to witness the indomitable spirit of a young prince who dared to defy destiny and embrace his divine calling.