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Pooja - Gorochan

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• Gorochan/gorochana/gorojanam/gorocana is obtained from the cow (Gau Mata), which is also believed to have many medicinal effects for the human body, as we know that cows are considered very holy as per Hindu mythology.
• We have given it the significance of a mother, so any product that we obtain from the cow is of great concern to Hindu believers.
• The color of Gorochan is red (sindoori red), and it is in solid form. Also, it is round, albeit not completely.
• This object is also used for the purposes of vashikaran and tantric rituals; the tikkas on the forehead are used to attract the opposite sexes as well.
• You can apply gorochan in a variety of ways, such as as a tilak on your forehead, in the temple for puja, or as a tint.