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Pooja Box - 5 x 3.5 Inches | Murugan Puja Box/ Charan Paduka Box for Home

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Width Height Depth Weight

3.5 in

5 in

5 in

0.155 kg

• With our Murugan Pooja Box, you can turn your holy place into an atmosphere of divine benefits. 
• This magical pooja box, which has been carefully constructed with great attention to detail, captures the spirit of spirituality and tradition and aims to take your spiritual activities to exceeding heights.
• Accept the spirit of devotion with our carefully chosen Murugan Pooja Box, honoring Lord Murugan, the representation of bravery, knowledge, and success. 
• This puja box , with its rich colors and detailed patterns, gives off a respectful vibe that invites you to set out on a spiritual enlightenment journey.
• Explore the pooja box wooden a holy container to find a variety of well selected objects necessary for your devotions. Every ingredient, from fragrant incense sticks and aromatic oils to auspicious flowers and sacred threads, has the ability to purify your environment and reveal your inner divinity.
• In addition, our Charan Paduka Box honors the holy custom of worshiping holy prints as a way of honoring God. elegantly made Charan Padukas, representative of the divine presence of the gods and goddesses, are housed within this elegantly designed box.
• With our Paduka Box, a being of spiritual grace and celestial blessings, you can elevate your everyday prayers and rituals. 
• This exquisite ensemble can be given as a present to a loved one or used as an altar piece in your house.
• Overall, the Pooja Box holds significant religious and cultural importance in Hindu homes, fostering spirituality and devotion among devotees.