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Peacock Kalangi - 3 x 1.5 Inches | Artificial Peacock Feather/ Peacock Feather Kalangi for Shri Krishna Mukut

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• Peacock Kalangi is a traditional Indian ornament worn on the crown (mukut) of deities like Shri Krishna.
• It features artificial peacock feathers intricately arranged to symbolize the beauty and grace associated with peacocks.
• In Hindu mythology, peacocks are often associated with divinity and are believed to represent the divine qualities of beauty and compassion.
• Each Kalangi is typically crafted by skilled artisans who meticulously arrange the artificial peacock feathers.
• Kalangi is prominently used during festivals and religious ceremonies, especially during Janmashtami celebrations honoring Lord Krishna.
• The vibrant colors of the peacock feathers symbolize joy, prosperity, and the essence of nature.
• Placing the Kalangi on the mukut of the deity is considered a sacred act, symbolizing the deity's sovereignty and divine presence.
• Peacock feathers symbolize beauty, grace, and divine protection, making them significant in Hindu religious contexts. 
• Offering a Peacock Kalangi to Krishna is considered auspicious and a gesture of devotion among followers of Vaishnavism.
• During festivals and religious ceremonies, especially those honoring Lord Krishna, the Kalangi is prominently displayed as part of the deity's attire.
• Devotees often offer Peacock Kalangi to temples as a form of devotion and as part of their religious practices.