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Patla - 2.5 x 12 Inches | Meenakari Design Chowki/ Golden Polish Manai Palagai for Pooja

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SKU 650123
Width Height Depth Material Weight

12 in

2.5 in

8 in

Wood-Gold Sheet

0.96 kg

• The magnificent golden polish Manai Palagai is here to enhance your home's opulent décor and elevate your religious ceremonies.
• The Meenakari Design Chowki , a traditional art style from Rajasthan, India, is recognized for its complex designs and vivid enamel colors.
• This Chowki, adorned with exquisite gold Meenakari motifs, lends a feeling of grandeur to your pooja area and acts as a divine platform for your religious gifts and celebrations.
•The Patla - Gold Meenakari exquisite workmanship is a compelling focal point for any momentous occasion, reflecting the creative elegance and rich cultural history of Indian handicraft.
• This golden polish Manai Palagai, which has been expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, radiates enduring beauty and charm. Because of its strong construction, which guarantees longevity, it can endure the test of time without losing its unique charm.
• With its ability to inject grace and elegance into your sacred rituals, the Patla - Gold Meenakari Chowki promises to make every moment of devotion truly divine, whether it is utilized as the center of attention for your daily prayers or as a decorative accent for exceptional feasts.
• This Bajot exquisite work of art allows you to embrace heritage while adding a hint of luxury.