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Pathinoranthirumurai(Moolamum Uraiyum) - Tamil

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• An important Tamil book with a prominent place in Tamil literature and sacred texts is Pathinoram Thirumurai. The Tamil term "Tirumurai" refers to a group of twelve holy books, and the phrase "Pathinoram Thirumurai" translates to "The Twelfth Tirumurai" in English.
• The Tirumurai is a collection of hymns composed by the famed Shaivite saints of ancient Tamil Nadu, known as the Nayanars. These songs are devoted to Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity regarded as the ultimate agent of annihilation and change. Each Nayanar wrote devotional poems and melodies that expressed their fervent devotion, personal stories, and metaphysical understandings of the divine.
• Pathinoram Thirumurai is a reference to Tirumurai's twelfth book, which contains verses by Sambandar, Appar, Sundarar, and Manikkavasagar. These four saints were instrumental in the growth of Shaivism in Tamil Nadu and made important contributions to Tamil literature.
• Pathinoram Thirumurai contains verses that are profoundly poetically beautiful and composed in traditional Tamil. They go into a variety of topics, including the magnificence of Lord Shiva, the value of devotion, the nature of reality, the necessity of living virtuously, and the search for spiritual enlightenment. The poems share profound spiritual and intellectual insights, frequently describing the divine encounters, wonders, and visions that the Nayanars had.
• For followers of Lord Shiva, Pathinoram Thirumurai acts as a spiritual mentor and a source of inspiration. It is frequently read, chanted, and sung during religious events and festivals honouring Lord Shiva in Tamil Nadu since it is revered as a sacred text by Shaivas. In addition to having religious value, the book is a tribute to the Tamil people's rich literary and cultural past.
• The devotional songs of four well-known Nayanars are collected in the famed Tamil book Pathinoram Thirumurai, which provides deep insights into the divine and acts as a beacon for both Tamil literature fans and spiritual seekers.