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Pathinen Siddharkal Varalaru - Tamil

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• The Pathinen Siddhars, also known as the Siddhars, are the subject of the Tamil book "Pathinen Siddargal Varalaaru," which delves into their history and biographies. The name "Siddhar" refers to spiritual adepts or enlightened beings who have attained extremely high levels of spiritual realisation and control over the material and spiritual worlds.
• The book explores the illustrious Siddhar tradition, chronicling its history and showcasing the tremendous contributions made by these mystics to Tamil spirituality, culture, and medicine. It gives readers a fuller grasp of their spiritual practises and guiding ideas by giving a thorough description of their lives, teachings, and miraculous experiences.
• A biography of a particular Siddhar is presented in each chapter of the book, together with information about that Siddhar's birth, upbringing, spiritual awakening, and accomplishments.
• The story uses folktales, legends, and old Tamil literature to provide historical and cultural context. It reveals the Siddhars' mystical encounters, interactions with extraterrestrial life, and attempts to elevate humanity through their teachings and healing techniques.
• For those who are interested in Tamil esoteric traditions, Siddha medicine, and the Siddhars' esoteric wisdom, "Pathinen Siddargal Varalaaru" is an invaluable resource. It honours the illustrious past of these enlightened people and provides motivation for those looking to advance their spiritual lives. Readers are encouraged to delve into the mystical world of the Siddhars, their teachings, and their enduring wisdom in this book.